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Halloween Zombie Tag

- Arrive 15 minutes before your game to check in at the front counter with proof of your online purchase.
- The Zombie Actors will use rude or sarcastic language, sometimes directed at you, with tones intended to enhance your adrenaline, intimidation, and fear factors. (Explicitly vulgar language shall NOT be used.)
- The Zombies will not be disrespectful to gender, race, religion.
- You can not HIT, PUNCH, BITE or KICK the Zombies or you will be removed from the game.
- Zobbies may touch you (appropriately, of course). They shall not grasp you or hurt you in any way. (They will not eat your brains).
- If buying a ticket for the APOCALYPSE, we recommend the participent be at least 12, but it's not manditory.
- PLAY at your own RISK! If you have any medical issues, such as a heart condition, it's recommended that you not play.
- Our games shall be safe, yet as scary as possible.
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